Dear friends

These are extraordinary times we are living through. 

How we respond as a community is so vitally important right now. How we do our best to ensure that everyone is healthy and supported — truly matters. 

It is tough to articulate just how meaningful our community is: for each other, for artists, for audiences, and for the world at large. This last week, as the majority of our seasons are being cancelled or postponed, let’s be generous and gentle with each other.

If I can lend a hand to you in any way, please email me. If you need someone to vent to or talk to, let me know. Phone call, Skype, WhatsApp … you name it.

PLEASE know that you are not alone, and that we will get through this. We can harness our positive instincts, empower each other, and honor the value of what we in the performing arts do (future-forward).

We thank our fellow scientists, immunologists, virologists, doctors, nurses, mayors and community representatives, and really everyone who is doing their best to curb and treat a potentially widening pandemic of Covid-19. We hold this gratitude dear.

Stay healthy, stay well, and stay connected to the people, friends, and loved ones who will ground you and support you. You have my support as well.

With All my Best,
Greg Kastelman

President & Founder
Unbound Aritsts LLC

The following content was written and released by Springboard for the Arts, an economic and community development organization for artists and by artists.

Read Springboard’s Coronavirus/COVID-19 response plan here:

 Ways you can support artists, creative businesses and freelancers:

1. If you have flexibility in your budget consider moving up the start date of projects that don’t take place in person. Can you contract with artists now that you might not have reached out to until later in the year?
2. Promote artists work online, encourage your supporters and followers to buy their work.
3. Buy gift cards from your favorite venues, artists, chefs, and restaurants — you can make sure the creative businesses that make our community strong can survive AND give yourself something to look forward to!
4. Write to your local and political representatives and encourage them to support measures to include artists and creative businesses in economic relief efforts.
Follow along with updated resources for artists, contractors, and arts organizations during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic here:

Read Springboard’s Coronavirus/COVID-19 response plan here: